Emergency Water Damage Restoration is the process of rapidly restoring a damaged property which has been subjected to flood water. Most of the time floodwater damage is caused by water leakage pipes, roofs or pumps breaking down. Emergency Water Damage restoration services are available to assist in remedying water damaged properties, whether in a residential or commercial setting. Emergency Water Damage restoration companies exist so as to assist property owners in fastishing to dry and remove any excess water, to immediately halt leaking water pipes, and to repair any damage caused as a result of a water leak. In the process of repairing any damages made, they will also assist in drying out your property.

emergency water damage restoration

Many times during an emergency water damage restoration process the work becomes so bad that it requires outside help to perform the necessary work. In this instance an emergency water damage restoration company would be able to assist you and make sure that all of your water pipes are fully repaired. They will also be able to check and make sure that all roof gutters have been replaced and cleaned from any debris that may have gotten trapped therein. They can also check the outside walls to make sure that nothing has damaged them during the flooding.

After your emergency water damage restoration process has been completed, you will notice that everything appears to be back to normal. The cleanup team should have left you with everything intact that they took off of your property. This might include carpets, furniture, wall coverings and other items that you didn’t want to see ruined. It is extremely important to take care of all of your damaged belongings promptly after a flood. If you don’t, the mold and mildew could begin to grow and create a health risk for you and your family.

In order for your emergency water damage restoration process to be effective you must have a plan. The first thing that you will need to do is identify exactly what damage occurred, if there was any water leak or flood to your home. You will also need to document the damage as soon as possible.

Next, you will need to contact a professional emergency water damage restoration company. Once you have identified the cause of the flooding, the company should then give you a price quote on what it will cost to completely restore your home to its original condition. It is important to note that most companies charge a per hour rate. This means that you will only pay for the time it takes for them to complete their work. Be sure to ask the emergency water damage restoration company if they charge an hourly rate.

When you have chosen the company that you want to use for emergency water restoration, the next step is to determine what type of water restoration service you need. Depending on what caused the flooding, this might be a simple process. For example, if your home was flooded due to a broken water pipe or sump pump then you should simply have the pipes repaired or replaced. If the flooding was a result of a broken water pipe then your main water supply should be turned off and all water sources redirected to a municipal sewage treatment facility.

Most often though, in situations such as these, the damage to the home necessitates an emergency water damage restoration service. You will likely need to do some preliminary paperwork, including a written estimate of the amount of water damaged as well as photographs showing the extent of the damage. The next step of course, is to file a claim with your local emergency water damage restoration company. Depending on the nature of the flooding, the company will either issue a check for the amount of water damaged or file a claim with your insurance company. Insurance coverage may also be needed.

In many cases, you can do all of the work yourself if it is relatively minor. For larger water issues, such as those resulting from sewer backups or rainwater, hiring an emergency water damage restoration company will help. The two companies that are generally recommended are Dade County Flood Control, Inc. and Restoration Engineering, Inc. They are both experienced and reputable and will do a good job in restoring your home. Just be prepared to pay more than you may want to for the service.